Step 2 - Register

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Step 2 - Register

It's time to learn how to reserve your spot in class. Registration is the process of actually signing up for the classes you've chosen. It's best to register as early as possible – before classes fill up.

Registration Information

Entering Assessment Test - COMPASS Test

Once you are accepted to SUNY Ulster, you'll receive an email that contains a link for you to schedule an appointment to take the COMPASS test. COMPASS assesses skills in writing, reading and mathematics. With the exception of the writing, it is untimed with most students finishing the test within 2-3 hours. You will receive a printout of your results after completing the reading and/or math test, and you will also be able to view them on the College’s portal.

You will also write or type, in 50 minutes, a 300-400 word essay on a topic of your choice from a provided list. Two English professors will read the essays within a week and make their recommendations on what English class a student will take.

Your student assessment will help your advisor guide you to the right courses for reaching your goals. Make sure to take the exam before meeting with your advisor.

Take the test seriously as it determines your course placement at Ulster County Community College.

While most new SUNY Ulster students must take the test, some students may be exempt because of their previous coursework. College level classes taken at high school may exempt students from some sections of COMPASS.

If you are a student in need of testing accommodations, please call the TRIO Program-Student Support Services Disability Office at 845-687-6054. All accommodations must be approved prior to taking the assessment test.

Note: Please arrive to the testing site on time. We will not allow late arrivals after 15 minutes into the test. It would then be recommended to reschedule to take the test at another date and time. You’ll need to bring a Photo ID. All other testing materials (including dictionaries) will be provided.

Additional Information:

Immunization Records

If you were born after January 1, 1957 and are planning to take six or more credits, you'll need proof of immunization against measles, mumps and rubella. Ask your physician for your immunization records or have them fill out this Proof of Immunization form.

Your Advisor*

Advisors are valuable because they know the ins and outs of both your subject of study and the registration process. Your advisor will guide you through your semesters in the most efficient way, saving you time and energy.

A few ways your advisor can help:
  • Course selection
  • Program requirements
  • Transfer options
  • Career planning
  • Help with academic difficulties or concerns

You’ll want to meet with your advisor before the end of each semester to plan your next semester’s class schedule.

Entering students will meet with an academic advisor during the registration process. After your initial registration you will be assigned a permanent advisor from your department of study.

Non-matriculated students are not assigned an academic advisor.


Both matriculated and non-matriculated students who are new to the school will be sent an invitation to attend a registration session. This invitation will be sent to students who have been accepted by the Admissions Office and who have either completed their placement testing or were granted a waiver. Registration for Matriculated Students:
  • Register at the registration session you were invited to attend.
  • Some advisors will provide students with a white registration slip to hand in at the registrar's office in Rm. VAN 206.
  • Log onto MySUNYUlster to register online. Your advisor will provide you with a PIN.
  • Attend an Arena Registration Session. You will be given an opportunity to meet with an academic advisor during this event.
Registration for Non-Matriculated Students:
  • Simply call the Registrar's Office at (687-5075 0r 1 (800) 724-0833 and register by phone.

Note: Upon registration, both matriculated and non-matriculated students will have incurred a financial obligation to SUNY Ulster.

*matriculated students only

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