Advanced Manufacturing

Advanced Manufacturing

Manufacturing companies moving into the Hudson Valley are looking for skilled workers. SUNY Ulster is pleased to offer these programs and courses for students interested in pursuing a manufacturing career as well as for those looking to build their skill sets.  SUNY Ulster also offers Business Training and Professional Development on-site at your location. 

See Occupational Outlook for Advanced Manufacturing

Contact Barbara Reer  or Deborah O’Connor for more information regarding this training at 845-339-2025.

Certified by the manufacturing Skill Standards Council (MSSC), this program provides certifications to those who have mastered core competencies of manufacturing from entry level through font-line supervisor.

This credit program prepares individuals to enter the work force in the area of manufacturing by teaching basic skills needed in the use of lathes and milling machines. Attention will also focus on the proper use of precision measuring hand tools as they relate to lathes and milling machines and provide a basis upon which skills for additional precision hand tools could be developed. 

Learn more about how you can become qualified for the 240+ jobs available now in the Hudson Valley.

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Dvanced Manufacturing


Interested in finding out more about our Advanced Manufacturing program? Come to this information session and find out how you can have a credential to start a career in Advanced Manufacturing before summer!

  • DCB 2118-01 W 1/11 5-6pm KSU Room 116 FREE
  • DCB 2118-02 R 2/9 6-7pm KSU Room 116 FREE
  • DCB 2118-03 R 2/23 5-6pm KSU Room 116 FREE


To register for an interview or for more information, contact Barbara Reer at (845) 802-7171 or

Interviews will be conducted at: SUNY Ulster Continuing and Professional Education Office, 94 Mary’s Ave, Kingston, NY






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